The cretan song written for the fight against Covid – 19 (video)

A wonderful song written by Cretan artists to help all those struggling with the country’s battle against coronavirus.

The song’s title is “Who Saw in Springtime …” and all proceeds that come up will go to the Athens General Hospital “Sotiria” for the purchase of coronavirus battle material.

The idea was by Antonis Martzakis and was implemented with the help and involvement of many Cretan musicians who are voluntarily participating: Nikos Stratakis, Dimitris Spiridakis, George Stratakis, Kostas Saridakis, Nikos Xilouris, Αntonis Xilouris, Αndreas Manolarakis.

ΜusicIdea: Antonis Martsakis
Lyrics: Theofilos Christoulakis

The recordings as well as the performances were amateurishly done at home, practicing: “WE STAY IN THE HOUSE”.


Προηγούμενο άρθρο“Η Κρήτη από το σπίτι” – Το νέο βίντεο της Περιφέρειας Κρήτης
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