Manolis Titakis – The Cretan artist from Messara who was born to sing

Manolis Titakis, a true Cretan artist who loves his place and respects its musical tradition, was born in Tympaki, Messara. Manolis Titakis, from the age of 15, began to involve in his great love, which is none other than music. Initially, he was self-taught in bouzouki, while a little later he started playing the lute.

His love for music was so great that even at this tender age, he was present at all the festivals of his place. Then and for three years, he studied at the music school, to enrich his musical knowledge.

He had a strong preference for Rodamanthos Androulakis and was a great joy and honor, when a few years later he invited him to work together. This collaboration lasted for six whole years from 1988 to 1994, both in Heraklion and throughout Crete.

Manolis Titakis’ first professional work was in 1996, a vinyl entitled “Sto baraki” i.e.”In the Bar”, by the Aeraki’s Cretan Music Workshop, to be followed in 2001 by a CD entitled “Minimatai.e. “Messages”.

Another one of his songs that was much loved was “Min polemas ton Ellina” i.e.”Don’t fight the Greek”, with music by Manolis Titakis and lyrics by Costas Cheilas.

Manolis Titakis, is a restless spirit, who made various collaborations with several artists and always with great success.He has also written many songs and made many recordings.

His latest song, “Gyrisse ksana” i.e. “Come Back Again”, with lyrics and music of his own, videotaped and edited by him, was shot in the village of “Kokkinos Pyrgos” i.e. “Red Tower”, a place full of memories for him. The lyrics of this love song are of particular importance for Manolis Titakis, since they were written as he characteristically says, “in moments of nostalgia”.

It is no coincidence, that in a recent competition for the 20 most popular new songs of Cretan music, his latest song “Gyrisse ksana” (Come Back Again), took the first place.

The channel of the Cretan artist, who, as he stated to “Unique Creta”, “lives to sing”, can be found on Youtube at the link: You can also contact him on his personal page, at the address:

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