New York Times: “Crete, is the ultimate spring ski destination”

The American newspaper “travels” its readers to the White Mountains and Psiloritis, revealing a hitherto unknown aspect of the island: Crete is a great destination for spring skiing, especially for visitors who are willing to go to the peaks without lifts and enjoy the open slopes and the very good quality snow.

This is the conclusion of the extensive tribute of the «New York Times», as the author, Biddle Duke, who specializes in winter sports, narrates his unexpected experience in the snowy mountains of the island.

Duke admits that he could not believe that Crete offers such opportunities, but he became convinced when one of the leading ski explorers, John Falkiner, introduced him to the Greek island.

Crete is different from other places where I have skied,” said Falkiner, who works as a guide for affluent travelers and is one of the pioneers in organizing ski tours. “I want to be there in March“, he added, emphasizing that Crete offers “the best experience for skiing in spring”.

During his trip to Crete, Duke discovers the “roots” of skiing in Crete, with the first systematic attempts to explore the slopes dating back to the late 2008s. In fact, the zeal of the local skiers led to the establishment of the “Pierra Creta” ski festival in 2014, which will be repeated in March this year, after the break caused by the pandemic.

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