The Cretan soap – A fine product

As it is known, soap is the oldest cleaner for people. Saponification is a process in which fats (vegetable or animal fats) are converted into soap in a natural or chemical way.
In Crete, where olive oil is of exceptional quality, due to climatic conditions and soil specificity, it enables the production of fine soaps with its well-known beneficial properties in the human body.

Some of them are herbal soaps for skin diseases such as,. Aloe soap, soap with honey that moisturizes the skin, with laurel ideal for hair loss and dry skin, lemon juice for freckles and many more.
The soap production in Crete has evolved greatly. The Cretan soap is being exported abroad and many Cretan companies have been awarded for the excellent quality of their soaps.

For example, we can mention just a few kinds of the dozens of soaps that are marketed on the island of Crete:
Soap of olive oil for face and body
Olive oil soap with lavender
Exfoliating glycerin soap
Olive oil soap for shaving with mint flavor
Essential oil soaps of lemon, orange, coconut, etc.
Depending on the manufacturer, they are available in different sizes, in different shapes such as round, square, heart-shaped, as well as in different packages.

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