The village of Gerani with the amazing beach and the bright blue sea

Gerani, is a picturesque seaside village, located 15 km west of Chania. A small river crosses the village along and ends up in the sea .

Gerani, has a large sandy beach which every year wins a Blue Flag for its clear waters and has everything the visitor needs to enjoy his swim, as well as water sports. In the village, there are also tourist shops, cafes and traditional restaurants. .

It is noteworthy, that the famous Cretan writer and journalist Ioannis Kondylakis, began his career as a teacher in Gerani. In fact, in a small neighborhood of the village, there is a plaque on the wall of a half-destroyed house that reminds of this.

On December 15, celebrates the church of Agios Eleftherios in the central square of Gerani, on March 25, celebrates the church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary, in the main church in Palio (Old) Gerani while on September 8, is celebrated the birth of Virgin Mary in a small church in Ano Gerani.

Finally, should be mentioned, that Gerani is a suitable place for quiet, beautiful, traditional holidays and moments of relaxation.

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