Triopetra – A famous for its fantastic sunset beach

Triopetra is located about 52km south of Rethymno and 13km southeast of the village Akoumia, at the foot of the mountain Siderotas.

Triopetra is a historic settlement that was created around 1000 AD, during the heyday of the Byzantine Empire. In the area there are many historical and religious monuments, churches, monasteries etc.

Triopetra beach, lies in the central part of a long beachfront, called Akoumiani Gialia, i.e. Akoumia Beach. It consists of two beaches, which are separated by a small peninsula. In the sea, at the edge of the peninsula, three majestic rocks rise. So, Triopetra, which means “Three Rocks”, is named after these rocks.

The first beach, known as Small Triopetra, is located in a closed sandy and rocky bay while in its southern end flows the river Akoumianos. This river separates Triopetra area from the magical beach of Agios Pavlos Sandhills at Cape Melissa. On the beach there are a few rooms, taverns and umbrellas. The area also hosts a small harbor.  One km northeast of this beach, you can visit the amazing chapel of Prophet Elias, built on a high hill, overlooking Akoumiani Gialia.

The main beach of Triopetra, West Triopetra, is formed west of the rocks and extends to the west for some kilometers before the beach of Ligres. The beach has beautiful coarse sand and nice water colors. Its west-orientation makes it famous for its fantastic sunset. The east part of the beach is mildly organized with taverns, rooms and umbrellas. There is also a small river, with fresh water all year round and a stunning big cave near the three rocks, where you can find shade.

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