The archaeological site of Zakros

Zakros is located in an isolated area of Eastern Crete, 45km southeast of Sitia.The palace of Zakros is the fourth largest in Minoan Crete. It was located at an important strategic point, in an secured cove and was a center of trade with the countries of the East, as shown by the findings (elephant tusks, faience, copper, etc.).

The palace was also a center of administration and religion and was surrounded by the city. In the “Gorge of the Dead”, as it is called the Gorge that reaches from Pano (Up) Zakros to Kato (Down) Zakros, tombs were discovered in caves located on its slopes. Some of the findings of Zakros are exhibited in the Museum of Heraklion while some others in the Museum of Sitia and Agios Nikolaos.

The palace of Zakros was built in two main construction phases: the oldest was built in 1900 BC., while the newest around 1600 BC. and was destroyed like the other centers of Minoan Crete, in 1450 BC.

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