The lake of Damania – One of the most beautiful lakes of Crete

Damania is a small village in the Peripheral Unit of Heraklion at a distance of 33.7 km from the city and built on a hill. Its population consists entirely of Greeks who came after the Asia Minor catastrophe (1922) in Crete. In 2003 the village acquired its own lake with the construction of a dam on the river that flows west of the settlement and is a tributary of the Anapodaris River.

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Crete, while around it there is a path and a dirt road for walking and observing the flowers and birds of this new wetland.

The fauna of the area includes various migratory birds and mammals, while the flora consists of various endemic plants.

To the west of the village there is a hill on which antiquities have been found while at the southern end of the lake is the impressive and old church of Zoodochos Pigi (Life-giving Spring).

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